Our customers grow

Perhaps it is a coincidence our customers grow well above industry standards, perhaps not.

Ready for the next industry shift

The market is constantly changing, it is our job to make sure our customers are ready for it.

Are you ready for new market challenges?

Do you have the right billing solution to meet the new demands in your market field?

Business value

Our modular products makes market changes easier to handle efficiently.

Don’t get tied to your meter

A customer centric billingsystem provides freedom a meter centric never can.

Meet Basset at MWC 2015
Hall 5, J31
To pre-book a meeting with Basset management, please contact Lovisa Engwall

Meet BASSET at the Wholesale Fraud Forum
January 28-29

at the Waldorf Hilton, London.

To pre-book a meeting please contact Mr.Stefan Drakenberg